Monday, October 27, 2008

Setback Saddens Sheila

I have had a small setback in my half-marathon training. For the past week, I have really had a hard time running. I have only been able to run about 2 1/2 minutes tops, then walk, then maybe a minute running, then walk, etc. with a fair amount of pain near my shins. It almost felt like my legs were cement, and it even hurt when I was walking. Diagnosis from my marathon running daughter-in-law: shin splints! She recently experienced the same condition; therefore, advised me to take a rest for 2 weeks to heal my shin splints and do some cross training on my eliptical trainer and exercise bike. No pounding the pavement for a few weeks. That, in addition to the arthritis in my toes! Agony . . . delayed training . . . sad Sheila!

Sheila is my chihuahua and running partner, and it makes her so happy when I put on my running shoes. By the time I grab my iPod and her leash, she is jumping with joy all over the place. Sheila just didn't understand when I went out to Scott's workshop tonight and got on the eliptical trainer. She knew I had on the shoes and the iPod, but where was the leash??? Sadness, confusion, depression!!! I tried to explain to her what was going on, but she just doesn't get it!

Hopefully, these 2 weeks will pass quickly for her and we can hit the running trail once again. I sure hate to disappoint my trusty running companion. After all, my daughter-in-law and I are signed up to do a 5K in Decatur on Thanksgiving weekend and Sheila knows I need the training badly.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rails to Trails 10K

OK - this is the moment you have all been waiting for. On Saturday, October 4, I did my very first running (walking) event. It was the Rails to Trails 10K in Elkmont, Alabama. Did you hear that? 10K - that means 6.2 miles!!! I entered with my boss, and since I didn't feel prepared to run just yet, we agreed to mostly walk and just run a little as we were able. We were very pleased that we averaged around a 12-13 minute mile and I finished in 1:27:30 and she finished in 1:26:?? I hung around for the door prizes and then headed back home with great certainty that I did not win any awards.

Imagine my surprise this morning when, at the end of a staff meeting, my boss called me to the front and placed a medallion around my neck, announcing that I had won 3rd place in my age division. She didn't say how many were in my age division and I'm sure I don't want to know that!! How exciting to win a 3rd place in my first event. And my boss won a medal as well. We felt pretty good about our accomplishment.

Of course, we got no respect! Comments ranged from lots of "Congratulations," to "There must have been only 1 or 2 people in your age group so they had to give you 3rd place to be nice!" to "So which special olympics did you run in?"

The following e-mail was sent out concerning our accomplishment:

"Congratulations to Dianne and Melanie! Both were medal winners at this past weekend's 10K run in Elkmont.We have no documented evidence for Melanie's participation, but we do have a reliable witness who verified Melanie also won a medal.

It is reported Dianne has not taken off the medal since Saturday.

This nation needs more role models! Congratulations!"

Then they took the following picture of me running in place and showing off my very first medallion!! Whoo hoo whoo hoo hoo!!!! We had such fun with this at work today!