Monday, October 27, 2008

Setback Saddens Sheila

I have had a small setback in my half-marathon training. For the past week, I have really had a hard time running. I have only been able to run about 2 1/2 minutes tops, then walk, then maybe a minute running, then walk, etc. with a fair amount of pain near my shins. It almost felt like my legs were cement, and it even hurt when I was walking. Diagnosis from my marathon running daughter-in-law: shin splints! She recently experienced the same condition; therefore, advised me to take a rest for 2 weeks to heal my shin splints and do some cross training on my eliptical trainer and exercise bike. No pounding the pavement for a few weeks. That, in addition to the arthritis in my toes! Agony . . . delayed training . . . sad Sheila!

Sheila is my chihuahua and running partner, and it makes her so happy when I put on my running shoes. By the time I grab my iPod and her leash, she is jumping with joy all over the place. Sheila just didn't understand when I went out to Scott's workshop tonight and got on the eliptical trainer. She knew I had on the shoes and the iPod, but where was the leash??? Sadness, confusion, depression!!! I tried to explain to her what was going on, but she just doesn't get it!

Hopefully, these 2 weeks will pass quickly for her and we can hit the running trail once again. I sure hate to disappoint my trusty running companion. After all, my daughter-in-law and I are signed up to do a 5K in Decatur on Thanksgiving weekend and Sheila knows I need the training badly.


Fitness said...
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Karen P. said...

Poor Sheila! Poor Dianne! Shin splints hurt, but a puppy just can't understand. Whenever I start putting my walking/running shoes on, Frisco goes crazy. He's hopping and wagging all over the place believing that the only reason I would wear those shoes would be to take him on a walk! I'm so glad you're a dog person now! Even one more reason I'm glad you're my friend!

Love ya siesta!


Sharron said...

Sorry about the shin splints....I guess we are all going to experience that if we are active enough! Maybe Sheila could come over for a "play day" with Brea! THat might make her happy! They could discuss flavors of doggie bones or the newest in doggie treats. By the way, we bought Brea some yogurt treats and they smell really, I have not tasted them but the lady at PetSmart did! She says they are wonderful. Well, I kind of think that is taking it a little too far but I guess curosity just got the better of her!

take care of those legs-turkey day is coming!

love you

RunnerGirl said...

That is the cutest picture!! Poor Sheila. I walked this morning with some neighbors, and the dogs were so upset that I wasn't taking them with me. They just turn into monkeys around strangers, and I didn't really want a strength-training session. :) I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!

Terri_in_Alabama said...


Are you feeling any better? Have you been able to train again?