Friday, August 9, 2013


I love the stillness of early mornings!  Just quiet time with the Lord and my cup of Java before the busyness that is life begins.  This morning is one of excitement and anticipation.  Plans today include some girl time with my granddaughter to get pampered a little together and have lunch together. 

The day will continue to unfold by beginning to celebrate a HUGE accomplishment in the life of my husband.  Please bear with me as I brag a little on him. 

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., he will stand in front of Founders Hall at Athens to receive his B.S. degree. This has been a very long journey and one that he started years ago, but life just kept getting in the way.  A few years back, he became committed to complete this journey.  Taking 2 or 3 classes each term while working full time was not easy, especially when you get a few years on you.  There was much stress which added to health issues,  and honestly, there were times where he just plain ole wanted to give up... but then pushed right through.  Not only did he push right through, but he will graduate Magna Cum Laude!  That calls for a big whoo hoo!!!!  I am so very proud of him!!!

This summer has been a tough one.  He had a hernia surgery at the very beginning of this last term and developed some complications which pretty much immobilized him for most of the term.  It was a scary time as we both wondered if he would have to return to surgery and if the healing would ever come...but it did!!!  Looking back, I can now see the time as a gift of sorts for him to complete the final semester in a different way with real time to read and study, as he couldn't do much of anything else. 

Looking back.  Why does it take looking back to see God's hand in what is happening?  I know there is purpose in everything and always say that and believe that.  But I don't always act like I believe it in the hard moments. 

As years come and go, I think the looking back makes me more eager for what is ahead because it causes me to see how beautifully God accomplishes His purposes.  It also helps me to be aware of His constant presence so that I can see Him in the present more clearly. And I am so excited about what lies ahead, even though I honestly don't know what exactly that will be.  Scott plans to continue his studies through seminary after taking a break for one semester.  As he seeks to follow God in an obvious calling on His life, the journey will be one of great anticipation.  I know that there will be difficult and challenging times along with the joyful and happy times, but God works His purpose so beautifully and I'm eager to see it all unfold.

So Friday, let's do this thing!!!!

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