Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maiden Voyage

I thought I would begin this voyage on Gramster Blog sharing a little amusing story that happened a few days ago. My brother is a missionary in Africa, so we do not get to communicate by an actual phone call very often. One afternoon at work, my cell phone vibrated and since I was in a conference, I did not answer. When I completed my conference, I checked my messages and - you guessed it - I missed my first call from Africa since November! I was so bummed out and agonized over it with my co-workers - over and over and over.

We have to rewind just a little to explain my relationship with my co-workers. They find me a little "out there" because of a lot of things I do. I break out in song quite often when a situation or comment reminds me of a song (which is pretty often since there is a song for everything, you know?!). The tone on my old cell phone was a chicken clucking and I often did the chicken dance as it played. Also, my best friend and I talk to each other every day on the phone and we always begin our conversation with the greeting, "whoo hoo whoo hoo hoo" (the Vonage commercial tune). Those kinds of things - just love to have fun in lots of different situations.

After I missed the Africa call and had sufficiently whined to my co-workers, I had to call a representative at a company to follow up resolving an employee's problem. The rep's name is Sheila . . . my dog is also named Sheila. When I greeted Sheila on the phone, I overheard one of my co-workers comment, "I think she is so upset that she is calling Sheila" - meaning she thought I was calling my dog. We had a good laugh over it and I explained to them that Sheila (my dog) would very much have understood how upset I was over missing the call from my brother.

Several days passed with no call from Africa, but all is well that ends well. He finally called back on a Saturday morning when I had uninterrupted time to catch up with him and his precious family and it was absolutely wonderful. God is good!


Sharron said...

Well, aren't you miss smarty pants! I am so thrilled to have someone who is up to the task as I am challenged in this area. I am the Nana who tried to play a VHS(for cryin out loud) video for my grandchildren over the weekend and somehow managed to de-program the entire tv! My husband was so excited that he is going to have to call Direct TV and get it re-set. He loves it when I push too many buttons! Yeeha! Oh well, God did not make my brain to compute that kind of stuff! Anyway, I am totally impressed and someday, maybe I will be able to operate the "heavenly VCR" and God will have much more patience with me than my sweet man.

Love you bunches!
siesta Sharron

RunnerGirl said...

The story about Sheila makes me laugh to no end. I can totally see you doing that, as well as singing all day at your desk! :)


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

hopefully - if this is the right Dianne you will know what i am tlaking about - the shoes are on the way.....a bit different, but still oh soooo cute!!!

love, Leigh

Dianne said...

Yes - this is the right Dianne and I'm sooooo excited about the shoes and can't wait to see them. As you said, we must have cute feet!
Love ya,

Nancy said...

A ring tone that clucks like a chicken. How hilarious is that! Glad you finally received your call from Africa.

Welcome to the blog world!

Elaine said...

I came over here from LPM's blog and I just have to say that you are so sweet. Love your profile, Gramster!

Blessings to you as you press in to know Him more!

KarenP said...

Oh Gramster! You are a WOW woman for sure. I love your blog just like I love you!

BTW, I just left a comment on the Siestas blog. (Can you believe I'm learning how to posts on blogs!) Maybe I'll get flip-flops too!


MarySnyder-Joy Filled Life said...


I just popped over from the LPM blog because I read that you're from Hartselle -- well, I'm from Blount County (just south of you). I know you're going to the Siesta Fiesta, but I'm not. I am going to the Breaking Free taping in New Orleans -- are you going to make it to that?
so cool to meet a local siesta

Patty said...

I have finally made it to your blog. I have been on the computer all day working on Siesta stuff and my eyes are really blurry and when I clicked on your name I thought at first glance that it said, gangster blog. hehe Lord, help me. That story was so funny about Shelia. Don't worry your siestas like to have fun.
Can't wait to see you again.

Kay Martin said...

Love your blog. I want to read some more!!! Love thining of you singing at your desk. I think many of us have folks in our lives wondered what makes us tick.

Jo Ann said...


You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself. You would be a wonderful author. God has given you a beautiful talent!!

Love you and God Bless,

Jo Ann (from your church)