Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Beginnings

I made a commitment that I would not wait an entire month before blogging again and I'm already knocking on the door of an entire month passing. What happens to time?!

This has been an incredible 30 days just full of new beginnings in the life of my family. My husband started a new job about 3 weeks ago which is definitely an answer to prayer. He worked as manager of a retail furniture company for about 5 years and they closed all of their locations in North Alabama in a downsizing attempt about 2 years ago. The past few years have been quite a struggle as we prayed about what direction to take and although he had some interim jobs, these were times of great struggle. We have been believers who have been in the practice of praying for many years; however, from the beginning of this most recent journey, we committed to begin praying together on a regular basis for the first time in our marriage. I can tell you that it has been a time of great growth in our marriage and in our relationship with the Lord. Although we do not wish to continue the struggles, we both realize just how faithful God is and have seen His provision in too many ways to write about. We celebrate this new job venture for him and praise the Lord for yet another blessing in our lives.

Our oldest son and his family moved to the same county where we live in October to take a ministry (youth) position in a church. His church had a pastorium where he and his family lived as they tried to sell their previous home which has been a huge blessing. Well, their previous home finally sold after seven months and they are preparing to close and move into their new home within a few weeks.

Our youngest son and his wife live in Missouri where he is a teacher/coach and he accepted a position in a new school district and begins work there in August. His wife just secured a position which she absolutely LOVES in the new community just completing her second week on the job. They are making plans to move as well - in fact I think both sons and families are moving the same weekend!!! We are still praying for the sale of their home, but know that God will provide and that they will have a great adventure in their new community.

As I think of the concept of new beginnings, I realize more and more that every day is a new beginning. Morning by morning, new mercies I see. My desire is just to grow closer to Jesus every day and to fall more deeply in love with Him. There is an older contemporary song which I think was written by Wayne Watson and some of the lyrics are, "I want to get so close to Him that it's no big change on the day that Jesus calls my name." That is so what I want to do. Life is just so much better with Him - can't even imagine it nor do I want to imagine it without Him!

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