Monday, July 21, 2008


My daughter-in-law is a marathon runner and has put a challenge before me. She and my son live in Missouri, but she has signed up for a half marathon in a city near me in February and has challenged me to run with her. Gramster running a half marathon - how cool is that!!

Well, I have accepted her challenge with great determination because my son just doesn't see that I can do it. Mind you, he has good reason to feel that way. I am fairly physically fit and walk 2 miles as many days a week as my schedule permits, but running has never been my great strength.

I can do this thing!!!! If for no other reason than to prove to him and everyone that I can do this thing!!! All the references Paul made to running the race set before me are just screaming in my mind. I know those references are spiritual, but I can still do this as I press forward spiritually as well.

OK - I'm interested in the support of my friends in this thing. My daughter-in-law said we could wear matching shirts and I might just have "Gramster" printed on the back of mine as well. What do you think?


Sharron said...

You can do this thang! I am behind you 100%. Run that race with a smile on your face and a whooo hooo every so often and you'll drive Matthew crazy. I have never been much on running either but you can do it. At least the weather should be better then, than now. Go for it, siesta!

Sharron said...

Hey---just checking in to give you your Whhoooo hooo for this Wed. Love you

Sharron said...


KarenP said...

Oh Gramster, I think that is great! You will be fantastic, and I know you can do it! I'm proud of you.

doo-dah said...

I just happened to find your blog through the Siesta Fiesta blog and when I saw your entry on the half-marathon I just had to comment. I ran my first half-marathon last year with my husband--on his 56th birtday!! I turned 50 a few months after the race. I KNOW you can do it if I did. Hang in there!!