Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I did it!!!

I just love to hear those words . . . "I did it" . . .from my grandson when he is pursuing something and finally accomplishes it. Well, this morning . . . I did it! After 2 weeks of falling away from my half-marathon training, I got up very early and did it and it felt great. I repeated the run plan in Week 4 of my Couch to 5K training plan since that is where I fell away. I decided if I was able to complete it, I would move on to Week 5 training on Thursday. So that is my goal! Week 5, here I come!!!

And I also felt encouragement to push through since my daughter-in-law ran in the Lewis and Clark Half-Marathon in St. Louis in the pelting, stinging rain from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. I thought that if she could do what she did, I should move forward. Thanks for the encouragement, my sweet daughter-in-law! I'm so proud of her! You can read the details of her run by clicking on her blog under my favorite blog sites. It is called Twisi's Xanga.


Sharron said...

Well, I am very proud of you! I worry about rain though. If Addie falls, well she might be OK but if my siesta falls.......we might have a problem so please be careful. I will pray for clear skies in February and I know you will do well. I am so very proud of you for haning in there !!!! As Dorie said in Finding Nemo to the fishes instead of "keep swimming"......"keeeeeeep running, keeeeeeeep running, keeeeeeep running........"

I love that movie!

Terri_in_Alabama said...


I finally am in the process of creating a blog. I tried to comment to your post the other day, and couldn't sign as anonymous. So, you spurred this "distressed traveler" to jump in and create a blog. It is still under construction, but I have started.

I hope you keeeeeeeep running, keeeeeeeep running.....